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WK Model WT-R

Introducing the 1st Automatically Deploying Watertight Roller Curtain Door in the US!

The AutoSeal Watertight Roller Curtain Door is the latest technology in flood protection.  During normal non-flooding operation, it functions as an overhead roller curtain door. Once water is sensed by the controls at a pre-determined level, it automatically deploys and secures the opening. Alternately, a press of the button sets the door in the flood protection mode.

The door is constructed from aluminum roller curtain door slates with a stainless steel frame and a flush bottom sill. It is provided with a battery back-up for operation when power is lost. Like most standard garage doors, it has an infrared start/stop sensor to avoid closing when an object is in the way.

Applications include warehouses, entrance doors, storefronts, garage doors, parking lots, etc. 

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Product Details

 Features  Design Details
 Size  Some limitations on size; 23′ maximum width, approx. 25′ maximum height
 Design Pressure  1′ below top of opening
 Gasket Material  EPDM compression gasket
 Panel & Frame Material  Aluminum panel with stainless steel frame
 Type of Frame  Bolt-on or weld-on
 Bottom sill   Flush
 Operating Mechanism  Mounted in chassis above door.
 Options  Power back-up system (UPS), auto-closing switch

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