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Why Walz & Krenzer?

Engineering + Experience = A Winning Tradition Since 1939

Engineering: Simply put – WK has the most design expertise in the industry. All of our products are custom designed in house and approved by our own licensed Professional Engineers. From the simplest flood barrier to the most complex high pressure closure, our engineers design your product based on your requirements. At WK, nothing is standard. Whether your project requires complex FEA analysis, blast calculations, or 3-D modeling, you can count on a fully engineered and tested product that exceeds your specifications and any regulatory requirements.

Experience: No other company in the US has supplied more watertight and airtight custom closures than we have. And the range of our products is truly impressive. You’ll find watertight doors submerged in 1148′ of water at a dam in Australia, removable modular flood barriers at the new Whitney Art Museum, large hydraulically actuated watertight doors in tunnels throughout the country, airtight APR doors at the NIH facility, automatically deploying flood barriers at NASA, and hinged flood gates protecting nuclear plants.

A Winning Tradition: There’s a simple explanation as to why we’ve been successful since 1939. The best engineering staff utilizing the most up to date technologies and manufacturing process available. Fully engineered products rigorously tested. Customer service beyond compare.

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