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Flood Protection Designed to Meet Your Application

Since WK offers the widest range of flood barrier designs in the industry, you can be assured that you are getting the most appropriate type of flood protection for your application. Our custom flood barriers can be found on locations as varied as the new Whitney Museum in NYC, NASA  headquarters in Houston, and nuclear power plants all across North America.

Whether your requirements call for a permanently installed, removable, or an automatically deploying flood barrier, our custom designed flood barriers provide reliable, cost effective protection in a moments notice. All of our products meet or exceed all FEMA/FM/USACE and other requirements.

What distinguishes a flood barrier from a watertight door is that the barrier seals on 3 sides only – the bottom and along the 2 sides. The top is not sealed – the barrier seals to a specific height of the opening only. This height is usually based on the flood elevation, plus 12″ if FEMA is involved in the project.  By not sealing to the entire height of the opening, considerable cost savings can be achieved.

WK flood barriers categorized by the type of mounting they have, i.e. they have removable panels, are side or bottom hinged, sliding, or automatically deploying.  Within some categories are additional choices based the the type of gasket used.

Hinged Flood Barriers –  Permanently attached to the opening and ready to protect instantly. Available in side or bottom hinged

Removable Flood Barriers –  best used when flooding occurs with some advance warning

Sliding Flood Barriers –  Permanently attached to the opening; great for when space contraints exist

The QuickWall   cost effective stackable/modular flood barrier system great for long perimeter openings