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Our product line is broken into three (3) main categories: Flood Barriers, Watertight & Airtight Doors, and Watertight Hatches. All of the products can be utilized in a wide variety of locations – anywhere that containment is required.


Flood barriers are designed to seal an opening on three sides up to a specific height – along the bottom and up the sides of the frame. The barrier panels can be removable or permanently installed, and are available in single panel or multiple panel configurations. Flood barriers are usually manually operated. For flood protection without being there, check out our AutoRising Flood Barrier, which automatically deploys at pre-set water levels.


Watertight (WT) and Airtight (AT) doors are designed to seal all four sides of an opening. They are 100% watertight or airtight, and can be designed for any size, any location, and for any pressure requirement. Both manual and power operated doors are available. Our AutoSeal Roller Curtain Door is the first watertight roller curtain door in the US, and it automatically deploys at a pre-set water level.


Watertight hatches are designed to mount horizontally in either a flush or raised configuration. All are 100% watertight, and can be designed for any size, location, or pressure requirement. Larger, heavier hatches require a mechanical assist with opening and closing.


Products designed for the nuclear industry often have special design and testing requirements. Functionally they are still either a barrier, door, or hatch. However, they get special names such as a Spent Fuel Pool Gate, Specialty & Airlock Doors, and Outage Equipment Hatches.