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Outage Equipment Hatches

Minimize Outage Time with Quick Passage In & Out of Containment!

In order to minimize outage time, look for WK to provide the best engineered, fabricated, and tested safety-related products.

Our outage equipment hatches are typically provided with swing bolt closures which seal the hatch cover to the mounting ring, while rotating dogs linked to quick-acting handwheels offer fast passage from either side of the smaller access door.

Both the hatch and access door utilize double O-ring, compression, or inflatable gaskets based on the pressure requirements and project specifications.

Available in both round and rectangular configurations, WK Outage Equipment Hatches are custom designed to meet your requirements. Options include multiple piece construction, smaller personnel access doors within the larger access door panel, manual or power operation/indication, watertight/airtight penetrations, and special design parameters including blast, tornado, & seismic requirements.