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Critical Containment

Critical Containment Doors, Hatches, and Spent Fuel Pool Gates for the Nuclear Industry

When your requirements call for 100% containment, you need the best engineered, fabricated, and tested product available. Our design expertise includes not only sealing against high water events, but can also incorporate seismic, shock, blast, ballistic, tornado, high pressure and other special requirements in the design. Most nuclear facilities in the U.S. have our products, which range from small personnel doors to large outage equipment hatches.

The 2011 Fukushima disaster and flooding that occurred in the Midwestern US have forced plants to reevaluate their maximum water level calculations and take actions based on any revisions. While the top priority is safety-related equipment that may be impacted by flooding, damage to non-critical infrastructure areas is also a growing concern, including plant access, operations, and warehousing.

Through an alliance with AZZ | NLI, WK operates under QA programs that meet or exceed the requirements of ASME NQA-1, 10CFR Part 21, and several other international standards. Both commercial and safety-related containment products are available.

Our products can be designed for a wide range of size, shape, and pressure requirements, and utilize the appropriate seals for each application, including single or double pneumatic, compression, or o-ring gasket configurations. Both manual and power operated designs are available.