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At the end of 2016 Walz & Krenzer delivered a large Flood Gate for the McKinley Village in Sacramento, California. We worked closely with RNR Construction and their installation team to make this project a success.

Here are some photo during installation:
Photo Dec 19, 4 26 51 PM

Photo Dec 21, 1 41 09 PM

Photo Dec 21, 1 45 02 PM

Photo Dec 21, 5 48 09 PM

Photo Dec 21, 10 26 59 PM

Photo Dec 30, 9 54 35 AM - reduced

See the video below that shows the flood gate during installation:


Walz & Krenzer would like to thank all parties involved in bringing this flood gate installation to a successful conclusion. Thank you to RNR Construction for their commitment and tireless effort during the installation at a challenging time of year. We are proud to have supplied this flood gate for this project.

It was a pleasure working with all of you!